Hi! I’m Andreas. This is my personal webpage.

Short Bio

I’m a PhD student at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, delving into the convergence of causality, reinforcement learning, and knowledge bases.

Guided by Erman Acar, Aske Plaat, and Frank van Harmelen, and supported by my colleages in Amsterdam and Leiden, I’m exploring how these fields intersect to enhance artificial systems. My background spans cognition science (BSc) from the University of Tübingen and AI (MSc) from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, giving me a comprehensive approach to research. I’m thrilled to be part of the Hybrid Intelligence Center, where my work contributes to creating artificial systems that are more adaptive to human partners.

If you share my passion for these topics, I’d love to connect and delve into their exciting potential together.


  • Our paper “CORE: Towards Scalable and Efficient Causal Discovery with Reinforcement Learning” got accepted at AAMAS 24.

  • Through the kind invitation of Jakob Hollenstein, I got the opportunity to give an invited talk in Innsbruck.

My Research in a Nutshell