Causal Inference Workshop

I participated in a three-day workshop on causal inference @TU Eindhoven

Recently, I had the privilege of attending a comprehensive three-day workshop centered around the intricate realm of causal inference. The workshop provided a platform to delve into two fundamental approaches – the potential outcomes framework and the graphical framework.

Word cloud of words in the abstracts of the talks.

One of the workshop’s highlights was the opportunity to engage with fellow participants who share a common enthusiasm for unraveling causal relationships. Through engaging conversations, we exchanged practical insights, discussed challenges, and even brainstormed innovative techniques. These interactions not only expanded my viewpoint but also highlighted the diversity of perspectives within the causal inference landscape.

A big thanks goes to the meticulous organization by Stéphanie van der Pas, Richard Post, Joris Mooj, and Eurandom. The schedule was thoughtfully designed to include a balanced mix of talks, discussions, and socializing opportunities. This structure allowed us to absorb complex concepts while also providing ample opportunities for networking and knowledge-sharing.

In essence, this three-day workshop on causal inference proved to be an invaluable endeavor. The insightful conversations with peers and the seamless organization added immense value to the learning process. As I reflect on the experience, I am reminded of the significance of such platforms in fostering growth and enhancing comprehension within the realm of research.